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About others posing as my salesman to accept the instructions

Author:Chen      release time:2016-07-13       source:Wuzhou Haisheng Group

Recently there have been others I posing as the Secretary for sales and customer exchanges, to defraud the trust of customers, in order to achieve the purpose of cooperation. Once the goods have a problem, the responsibility will be pushed to Division I, this seriously damaged the reputation of our company.

To this end, our company issued a statement: I am the Secretary for import and export sales, in our website are QQ online, if customers need import and export services, can visit our website and online customer service exchanges. If in the forum, paste it like a bar where the claim is our business staff, please visit our website and customer service to confirm the exchange. Easy to believe that others, the loss has nothing to do with the Division.

Wuzhou Haisheng Group


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